Website Design

Dream it can custom create a website for you or your business. Promote yourself or your products online to a wide audience.

We spend the time getting to know you before we begin building a website. Spending the time with you allows us to create a website solution that everyone will be happy with.

Below are a selection of websites that have been produced by Dream it - we invite you to have a look through the websites, and contact the respective organisations if you have questions about how we helped them.

To find out how Dream it can create a custom website for you, please email us at

Malvern Irrigation Supplies

Malvern Irrigation Supplies |

Malvern Irrigation Supplies is a family run business that supplies Irrigation and related products through both their shop in Malvern, Victoria, and online to anyone through their eBay store.

Dream it was tasked to create a website solution to suit the needs of the business. Through the relationship built between us, we organised an entire solution including setting up email accounts, web hosting and the website. |

The Victorian Catholic Lawn Tennis Association ( uses software developed by Dream it to run the entire association. Dream it provided a cost-effective solution to migrating the association to an entirely online run competition.

To view more information about the tennis association management software, click on the Tennis Management link above. | has used Dream it to create a simple web page with a contact form, allowing people to simply send through details to the site owner as soon as they have been entered.